Max Malandrino is a U.K. based artist, art book collector and Richard Prince book specialist.

Artist. Max’s series ‘Back By Public Demand’ c. 1994-2008 consists of over 1000 original photographic images. Signed originals and numbered prints from this series are held in numerous private, gallery collections around the world. His work has been featured in many solo / group art exhibitions, advertising campaigns, image licensing library archives and has also been incorporated into many furniture and interior design projects.

Art Books. As an avid bibliophile Max has been collecting and archiving rare artists books, gallery publications, editioned prints and unique signed out of prints books since 1994. His selective archive includes items by Richard Prince, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Matthew Barney and many of the Young British Artists.

Richard Prince Books. In 2008 Max created an independent archive and information source on the various publications by the American artist Richard Prince. In 2010 Max published ‘Richard Prints’, a limited edition artist book featuring over 90 original images from his ongoing Richard Prince archive. The reader is presented with a photographically re-arranged ‘version’ of an existing rephotographed image.