Max Malandrino is a U.K. based photographic artist, art book collector, autographed memorabilia enthusiast and Kool Keith fanatic. Max’s art based photography reflects his deep rooted interest in various sub cultures and how they shape, infiltrate and inform everyday life. His Americana themed photographic project ‘Back By Public Demand’ (1994-2008) consists of a range of over 1000 images featuring various contemporary street cultures through to ultra-elite environments, abstract architectural landscapes to black and white staged portraits of Muscle car enthusiasts from across the United States. Signed originals and limited edition prints from this series are held in numerous private collections and gallery archives. His work from this series has been included in many solo and group exhibitions, advertising campaigns, image library collections and furniture / interior design projects throughout the world. A small selection from the series can be found on the PUBLICATIONS page. Please email Max for purchase information on any books featured.


As an avid art book bibliophile Max has been collecting rare artists books, gallery publications, unique and signed out of print books, prints and ephemera since 1994. His selective archive includes rare, signed and unique publications featuring a broad range of contemporary artists. Visit the SIGNED ART BOOKS page to view a selection of signed books from his archive. Please email Max for purchase information on any books featured.


In 2008 Max created the site Richard Prince which is an independent information resource featuring the various books and exhibition catalogues by the American artist Richard Prince. The site also showcases Max’s project titled ‘Richard Prints’ (2008-2012) which is a series of images from Max’s archive of Richard Prince’s artwork, books, catalogues and related ephemera. By assembling and juxtaposing these carefully selected books and reference materials, Max was attempting to create a direct photographic continuation of subject and it’s subject matter. The viewer / reader is presented with a photographic arranged ‘version’ of an existing re-photographed image. His limited edition artist book ‘Richard Prints’ was released at the Printed Matter New York Art Book Fair in 2010. It is available through many retailers including; The Serpentine Gallery bookshop, The Saatchi Gallery London, ccc. Japan, The ICA Bookshop, Louis Vuitton Bookshop Bond Street, Tate Modern, The New Museum Bookshop, Christophe Daviet-Thery Bookshop, Claire de Rouen Books, Koenig Books, Pygmalion Books at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, BookMarc by Marc Jacobs and Tender Books London. Max has created several unique collaged, bootleg copies of the book which are periodically released. His latest limited edition publications ‘Backstrip’ (2010 – 2014) and ‘WWRPD’? (2014) are both featured on the PUBLICATIONS page. Each zine is presented as a signed and numbered edition of 50. Please email Max for purchase information on these or any other books featured or if you are interested in either consigning / selling your books.


An avid autograph and ephemera hunter, Max’s collection of unique and rare SIGNED MEMORABILIA includes a wide range of celebrities. From directors which include Jim Jarmusch, Francis Ford Coppola, David Lynch, Cronenberg, Fincher to musicians including Little Richard, Beck, Kurt Cobain, Butthole Surfers, Jello Biafra and Kool Keith through to ‘celebrities’ from high and low brow culture, the images of the items function both as a record of a unique collection as well as reflection of the popular obsession of limitless gathering of celebrity ephemera.


For purchase enquiries, mailing list updates, consignment / sales or for further information please email Max via the CONTACT page.